Firefox StartUp

Ein Business aufbauend auf dem Firefox? Warum nicht: Round Two.
Und wer ist das?

Anthony, Daryl and Mike are drinking Red Bull and writing code. Bryan has designed this site and will be helping with our software’s UI. Chris is helping us think through how to deliver a superior user experience. Wassim is building our e-commerce infrastructure and, along with Joel, keeps the site running. Geoffrey is out there, somewhere up North, wheeling and dealing. MisterNiko designed the cool avatars. Theresa’s keeping the books. Also part of the Round Two family are Giorgio „FlashGot“ Maone, Samir „ExtensionsMirror“ Boulema and Jeremy „Extensions? I deliver them in 12-packs“ Gillick. Bart mostly waves his hands frantically. Together, we are Round Two.

Und was machen die jetzt?

Round Two will make Firefox even more fun, safe and productive. We are hard at work building products and services.

Story gibt es bei C|Net.

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