Ich stelle mir seit drei Tagen die Frage, ob ich auf das Datum heute eingehen soll.
Und ich antworte nun mit nein. Es wurde genug gesagt, geheuchelt, berichtet und gerichtet.
Trauern und Erinnern kann man auch, ohne Worte zu verlieren oder Bilder zu sehen. Und die Bilder wird niemand so schnell vergessen. Und der, der sie vergessen wird, wird es wollen.
Trauer, Wut oder Ignoranz und die Möglichkeit das zu kommunizieren oder nicht, steht jedem frei.
An uns liegt es, dies zu respektieren.
Fernseher haben Aus-Knöpfe. Radios auch. Und Weblogs haben Links; Browser Back-Buttons.Don’t Go

Mommy please don’t go to work today,
I don’t feel right, you have to stay.
Honey, you know that I have to go,
There’s no way around it, the money is low.
I’ll try to call you on my lunch break,
Take some aspirin if your tummy starts to ache.
Okay, Mommy, I’ll miss you lots,
Please tell me I’ll be in your thoughts.
Don’t worry, baby, you will be,
Just rest here and wait for me.
And that was when she left her little son,
With no idea of the importance in 9-1-1.
She stepped into her office on the 92nd floor,
Not knowing she would witness a horrible act of war.
After she was at work for almost an hour,
A hijacked airplane crashed into the tower.
She ran down the stairs as fast as she could,
But realized that it would do no good.
The building was collapsing on top of her,
She tried to get out, but it was all a blur.
Soon she couldn’t breathe from all the dust,
But she thought of her son, keep going, she must.
She screamed for help, but her cry was ignored.
She thought of her son, and prayed to the lord.
She tried to hang on, but it was just too much.
She prayed for her son, just one last touch.
She and thousands of others were later found dead.
People across the nation were hurt, countless tears were shed.
Whoever did this should be haunted with shame.
The great New York City will never be the same.
A shattered city is all that is left behind.
These acts of hatred have left us blind.
Too blind to see what the world would be,
With peace and love and all people free.
Mommy please, please don’t go.
If only she listened to her little hero. —–

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