If world history is a movie. What are the biggest plotholes?

reddit ist quasi sowas wie der Bastelkeller der modernen Internet-Prokrastinierer – du steigst hinab und gehst verloren. Stundenlang. Eben diese Zeit könnte ich gerade allein in einem der AskReddit subreddits verbringen. Dort fragt TheMediaSays: „Assume all of world history is a movie. What are the biggest plotholes?“ – Die größten Logiklöcher, Fehlentscheidungen und fragwürdigen Storywendungen in der Welt-Geschichte? Auf die Frage haben sich bisher tausende Nutzer eingelassen und bisher (aktuell) 4.541 Kommentare gesammelt. Einige meiner Lieblings-Dinger:

A meteor killing off the dinosaurs was obviously a cop out because the author didn’t know where to take the story

Nobody would ever actually attack Russia in winter, give me a fucking break.

In 1492 They decided the story wasn’t big enough, so the just made up 2 new continents, and didn’t even bother to come up with 2 original names

Several billion seasons of development and suddenly the writers introduce this „humanity“ group. I get that it’s for dramatic purposes but their characterization is wildly inconsistent, their plotline is all over the fucking place, and half the time it’s totally unclear if they’re supposed to be the protagonists or the villains.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s potential there, but they could also be the reason the whole thing comes to a crashing, unsatisfying ending. And if that happens, I’m going to be pissed.

Of course, I’ve been bitter ever since they wrote the thylacine out of the story in favor of humanity, so maybe I’m biased here.


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